Monday, July 1, 2013

Shek O Beach at 19 Weeks!

I'm one week away from 5 months pregnant and half way there! Ivan and I enjoyed a leisurely swim on a beautiful hot morning at Shek O beach. It was fun to see Sonic friends and they enjoyed seeing me in my pregnant state! Ivan brought the waterproof camera to the platform, but the viewfinder was still wet, so that is why the pictures are a bit blurry in some places. Then Ivan went running and I walked and jogged. We then enjoyed breakfast with our Sonic friends.

I felt happy to go running again, but started wondering if other pregnant runners experience the same feeling of needing to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes during running, even though I just went! So after some research, I found out that "the urge to go every 5 minutes" is quite typical during running and that this support belt comes highly recommended by runners, which supports the uterus and relieves pressure on the bladder. Also, I found this cute t-shirt! I haven't ordered either one, yet. Maybe today so that I have it when I get to MN!

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