Friday, December 26, 2014

One year old Liam

The most exciting thing is Liam can walk better and better day after day! He is a determined and a little cautious boy. He will try to reach the thing he wants and he will never give up. I once blocked the way to his play corner, but he tried hardly to go through the gap between me and a chair. He even pushed me away!

He is cautious too! When he saw his birthday helium balloon for the first time, he observed it carefully and his eyes showed that he distrusted this weird floating thing. Though after some days, he got used to it and he would graped the string connecting to the balloon.

Here is the video showing his first 'long' walk in home!

Liam is walking! from Ivan Yeung on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

From 7th month to 8th month

This picture was taken at July 31st, 2014, five days after Stephanie and Liam came back Hong Kong from the US.
This summer, Liam went to the US for the first time. And this was also our first family trip! Because of our new home renovation, I came back to Hong Kong 3 weeks earlier than them. I still remember on the day I left Minnesota, we had a walk outside. Liam was still a baby, I mean he was still small, not much big movement, and crawling was the best he could do. At that time, he was not able to sit by himself very well. And this was in his 7th month.

Wow! But after a month, he can stand up by himself! Of course, he has to hold something to pull up himself, but he can do it very easily and do it very well right now! He can even move sideway by holding his crib top bar.

So baby is really growing fast, not just day by day, I mean minute by minute!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Liam is growing so fast!

Liam can hold his bottle now! You are growing so fast, I miss the time when you were still a tiny baby and you need our help to hold the bottle for you!

And Liam has another vaccine today. The vaccine is for HIB, which is mandatory in the U.S. but not in Hong Kong. To prepare Liam's first America trip, it is better to give Liam one extra shot!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

One year since Stephanie got chickenpox

When Stephanie bore Liam last year, she unfortunately got chickenpox (My blog last year talked about that, link here). This morning we came back to the restaurant that we had meal after Stephanie's medical check last year. Now Liam is 6 months old now and he is healthy and happy all the time! We even took a photo at the same corner we had meal last year!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Morning ride

Hi Liam! Do you remember you and Dad took train every morning when you were still a baby? Mom and Dad had to work when you were young, so your Hong Kong Grandpa and Grandma looked after you every weekday!

Both Mom and Dad got up at 5:30am every morning and waited until 6am to feed you and change your clothes. Then we would left at 6:45am and took around 45mins train ride to Diamond Hill, where your grandparents lived.

You were always a good boy, not much fussing!

5 month old Liam

I like this picture because Liam looks contented in this picture. He was tired that afternoon because he had a rough day and had not much nap.

Is 5 month old a milestone or not? Liam can roll from his back to his tummy very fast now, though he cannot roll back to his back position.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Son and Dad time

Stephanie had a half day-off today. I came back home after morning trading hour as I still had 1/2 day for my annual leave. Liam is a good boy, most of the time, but he doesn't like being alone (who else does love that, anyway?). He can play by himself for some time, but when he noticed that no one is around, he will start crying loudly!
Playing by himself!

Monday, February 17, 2014

3 months

Liam just passed 3 months since birth. He is so big now and his weight is 6.01kg! Though his weight is at 25th quartile, we don't worry about it! He can grab things and sometime sing along with his mom too!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The known unknown

People don't like uncertainity, because there is something unpredictable. But do we still feel calm if something is certain? Not really. Though I know parents, mostly I guess, always worried about their kids, I don't know the reason before I became a parent.

I know Liam will be alright and he will be independent one day, but I know that I am unable to look for him some days in the future.

What I know is I am getting older and older each day, until the day I die. This is known to me.

I am unable to know when he will need some helps in the future. This is unknown to me.

I just cannot help myself feeling sad when I know that for some days in the future, I cannot look for my son anymore.

Liam, I know you will be alright!

February 3, 2014. Lam Tsuen Village.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Chinese New Year is coming! Liam is two and half months old now. Liam is just an ordinary baby - Sleep, eat, play and cry. He is doing quite well now since he was born. I still remember the feeding is the thing made me worried. Stephanie insists on breast feeding and this is tough at the beginning. In the first month, Liam kept losing weight and body weight stayed at the lower bound of newborn. But after two months, he is cataching up the trend and getting bigger and stronger now! At least I can tell from his loud crying that means he has enough energy to do that.
What a cute boy!

Now Stephanie stays with Liam most of the time and so it can be quite frustrating if Liam keeps crying a lot. I cannot do much but just hope we can get over it as the time goes on.

Liam is quite active actually, and keeps looking around to learn from this new world. He is doing quite well in tummy time too!
Stephanie has a core training; Liam has his own tummy training.