Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Chinese New Year is coming! Liam is two and half months old now. Liam is just an ordinary baby - Sleep, eat, play and cry. He is doing quite well now since he was born. I still remember the feeding is the thing made me worried. Stephanie insists on breast feeding and this is tough at the beginning. In the first month, Liam kept losing weight and body weight stayed at the lower bound of newborn. But after two months, he is cataching up the trend and getting bigger and stronger now! At least I can tell from his loud crying that means he has enough energy to do that.
What a cute boy!

Now Stephanie stays with Liam most of the time and so it can be quite frustrating if Liam keeps crying a lot. I cannot do much but just hope we can get over it as the time goes on.

Liam is quite active actually, and keeps looking around to learn from this new world. He is doing quite well in tummy time too!
Stephanie has a core training; Liam has his own tummy training.

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