Monday, February 3, 2014

The known unknown

People don't like uncertainity, because there is something unpredictable. But do we still feel calm if something is certain? Not really. Though I know parents, mostly I guess, always worried about their kids, I don't know the reason before I became a parent.

I know Liam will be alright and he will be independent one day, but I know that I am unable to look for him some days in the future.

What I know is I am getting older and older each day, until the day I die. This is known to me.

I am unable to know when he will need some helps in the future. This is unknown to me.

I just cannot help myself feeling sad when I know that for some days in the future, I cannot look for my son anymore.

Liam, I know you will be alright!

February 3, 2014. Lam Tsuen Village.

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