Thursday, August 14, 2014

From 7th month to 8th month

This picture was taken at July 31st, 2014, five days after Stephanie and Liam came back Hong Kong from the US.
This summer, Liam went to the US for the first time. And this was also our first family trip! Because of our new home renovation, I came back to Hong Kong 3 weeks earlier than them. I still remember on the day I left Minnesota, we had a walk outside. Liam was still a baby, I mean he was still small, not much big movement, and crawling was the best he could do. At that time, he was not able to sit by himself very well. And this was in his 7th month.

Wow! But after a month, he can stand up by himself! Of course, he has to hold something to pull up himself, but he can do it very easily and do it very well right now! He can even move sideway by holding his crib top bar.

So baby is really growing fast, not just day by day, I mean minute by minute!

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